Hogskull Writer

The other day I read an article on aging by ???? It was about her mother’s eyes. Her need for reading glasses and another pair for distance viewing. Now Janet, at 49, has the same problem.
Later that evening, Rosanne Barr was talking about changes in her life and body during and after menopause. That set me to thinking about my body and how it is changing in comparison to friends of various ages and sex. I think what I and old friends are going through is thresholdpause. It is a tipping point where once you pass, everything starts going downhill in a handcart. I should say here that roughly half of my high school class has passed away


1 Response to Hogskull Writer

  1. Fran says:

    But I bet that didn’t have the active life, both physically and mentally that you have had.
    When the cart is going downhill it’s time to get out and push yourself back up.
    You don’t have to work really hard, just move slowly until you find yourself jogging again.

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