Nelson Lynch is an old geezer, born 10/26/32, The tenth and final child of Irving and Charlotte Lynch. He graduated from Buckingham High School. Enlisted in the army in 1951. Served in the 423rd Engr. Battalion in Alabama. Served in Germany with the 139th Floating Bridge Company as a radio operator.
With a lot of luck and help he finished Salisbury State College and became a school teacher.
He wrote his first novel, Edgar Cayce and the Sheriff, in the early 90s . Since then he has written Murder, Wetlands and an Endangered Species, Blackbeard and Worcester County, Red Ridinghood and the Great Eye of the Buddha and numerous short stories.
Recently he has made all of his works available as ebooks.
He now lives on his farm in Taylorville with wife Jeanne, Clyde the Hogskull Hound, three chickens and Reynard the marauding fox.

2 Responses to About

  1. Pat Temple says:

    now it seems I have some reading to catch up on ..
    I will be going to Barnes and Noble to get them very soon.

  2. jughead says:

    happy birthday!! what a vivid imagination you have plus tatent(?)

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