Liz Paterra started our group in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s. A few members of the Eastern Shore Writers split and formed the Writer’s Bloc. Liz split again to form the First Saturday Writers. By then Jo Campbell had moved to Willet, California. We met mostly in her home, then the Globe Theater, then the Ocean Pines Library and finally to the Berlin Library.

Liz mainly wrote biographies geared for middle and high school students. Kweisi Mfume was her first. Mfume was a black member of the House of Representatives from Baltimore. Also, at one time was the president of the NAACP.

Gary Paulsen, her second novel, is about Gary Paulsen, a writer of juvenile adventure fiction for middle and high school students.

She also wrote Student handbook: Learning and study skills guidebook (The Cambridge-Stratford study skills course)

During her last years, she wrote about Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and Ada Lovelace. Townsend was Lieutenant Governor of Maryland with Governor Glendenning. Ada Lovelace was Lord Byron daughter and a math genius. She worked with Charles Babbage on the earliest computer. Ada is called the first computer programmer.

We enjoyed knowing all of them.


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