From the blurb of Jean Fullerton’s book, "The Murder at Sea Haven Beach."

What is the real reason Dr. Thomas Erickson engages Leigh McCarthy to work undercover as a substitute teacher at Sea Haven High School? There are certainly problems at the school, discontent and discord among the faculty are some of them, but are they serious enough to warrant spying on the teachers, and why doesn’t Dr. Erickson trust the principal of Sea Haven High School to solve the problems in his own school?

Leigh cooperates with Dr. Erickson until one of the faculty, handsome, arrogant, and narcissistic Robert Gerding, is murdered. Leigh hadn’t counted on murder as being part of the agenda, and she wants out of her agreement with Dr. Erickson. He convinces her to stay on because he needs her to keep him abreast of the police investigation, and she agrees to do so.

She discovers that there are others besides a few teachers who had an interest in seeing Gerding dead, and although she is not a professional investigator, she sets about interviewing those other people who may have wished the worst for him. What she also discovers is that nothing is what it seems to be.

(obit) <Mrs. Fullerton had been a teacher with the Baltimore County Board of Education for many years. After retiring from teaching she worked for the Census Bureau. Mrs. Fullerton also received a Masters Degree in Child Psychology, was a historian for the Royal Hibernian Society, an amateur genealogist, and was a published poet and author.>

Jean would sometimes talk about her courtship with this boy who had a La Salle convertible. She loved that car. Later when they married, he had to sell the La Salle Convertible. So sad.

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