eastern Shore Memories

These are my articles and short stories that I published recently on Amazon as an e-book. Later, I hope to also publish as a paperback.

Eastern Shore Memories

Table of Contents

Taylorville and the War 5

Huckstering in Ocean City-Tomatoes three for a Dime 8

Spring in the 1930’s 11

Hog Killing Day 17

Life on the Lynch Farm During the Winter of 1939 23

Fish Pounds, Permanent nets in the Ocean 25

Building a Lapstrake/clinker Built Yacht 28

A Farm boy goes to College 31

A Taylorville Christmas 36

The big Red Steel PT Boat 38

Dale 42

Earth Day, A Trip to Assateague 44

Laid By 48

Thanksgiving at the farm 53

The Taylorville Church 54

A July Evening 57

Yearly Menu Around 1940 59

Ned France, A Berlin Icon 63

Tomato 65

My First Novel 68

Dad Captures a Swarm of bees 69

Our First Tractor 70

Visit to the Dover Livestock Auction 72

Fiction from here on out 75

Adder, A new beginning 75

Mrs. Pine and the CIA 80

Ancient Love: trouble with two women 88

Baghdad Café: close call with a scimitar 90

Borneo: sexual habits of the head-hunters 93

Cell Phone: one in the casket 95

Cosmic Egg: a new creation theory 97

Dreams: semi-true story about my parents and grandfather 107

The Feng Shui Woman: something has to go 112

Frogs, Kisses and Gin: old friends at a sidewalk cafe 120

Gospel Cafe: mistaken identity 123

Lightning Strike: aka Big Boob Blonde Bimbo 125

Revival Meeting: a newly saved man is accused of rape 134

Assateague Rum Runners: semi-true 150

Splash: his ex-wife made a better martini 155

Time: a new theory on how time behaves 158

The Cyclic Extinction of Life: theory of the missing dinosaurs 160

Tombstone Cleaning: boy wants to give excitement to the dead 162

A Classic Pickup Line: side effects of the IQ virus 166

Singing Fool: wounded soldier in Afghanistan 167

Volunteering for the First Saturday Writers 174

Tomato Plants: woman wanted heirlooms, not hybrids 178

Undersecretary: crazy people running our country 181

Dementia: three words to remember 197

Turkey Trot: a classic spy story 202

Panties: the panty bandit is at it again 207

About the Author: a good old Taylorville boy 219

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2 Responses to eastern Shore Memories

  1. Teresa Metz says:

    looks good….email me…family news….

  2. Bill Hudson says:

    Yo Nel,

    I’ve read enough by email to want them all on paperback. Many remind me of my youth in Bishopville. Let me know when available.

    Wondering if you still have the homeplace? Turning into your driveway was like entering another time zone.


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