“It’s got to be a boy. Who ever heard of Joseph and Mary having a little girl? Nobody will believe it. You’ll be the laughing stock of Berlin.”
Dolores shook her head. “She’s going to be a queen. Just wait and see.”
“You are all dumber than Balaam’s Ass. What’s going to happen now?”
“We have to go soon.” Joseph stepped over and shook my hand. “The Romans will soon be looking for us.” He stopped and listened to a noise approaching.
Two Shepherds, three Kings and three Wise Women quietly entered the barn. The other Shepherd was backing a large cargo van into the barn. In ten minutes the barn was empty except for me. Jeanne and Dolores had jumped into the van and had disappeared along with Joseph, Mary and the baby girl.
Betty was typing fifty words a minute. “Great story, Nelson. The newspaper will love it.” She lowered the lid of the laptop. “But what really happened to Jeanne and Dolores? No one in their right mind is going to believe they went off with Joseph and Mary. What did you do with their bodies?”
“I told you. They went off in a ratty old van with the farmer from Ironshire.”
Betty looked down the lane. “You have more company. It’s three men in uniforms.”
“Oh my God, it’s the Romans.”

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