. It was like Clinton and Trump. So, we ended up talking about the weather and the farm while Mary laid on the quilt with her eyes closed.
Then Dolores stood. “Time to go. Mary needs peace and quiet.”
The rest of the day they sat on the deck steadily talking. In the process drinking the rest of the wine and beer. It was dark when Dolores left telling Jeanne she would be here for an early breakfast.
I asked three or four times when was the baby due. I shook my head disgustedly. They had no idea and they weren’t worried. They checked the barn after the sun went down and all was OK. That was when Dolores went home.
That night was really weird. At midnight, there was a terrible lightning storm. No thunder at all. I got up and went to the window. The whole yard was lit as bolts of lightning flashed. Sheet lightning was everywhere. Ball lightning was dancing on the roof of the barn. A screech owl wailed, another owl was hooting in the distance and a coyote was howling from our deck.
I didn’t know if anything had happened so I was going to go back to bed. But Jeanne was up and throwing clothes on. “What are you doing getting dressed this early? It’s just after midnight.”
“Something is going on. Did you see all the lightning? The wild animals are going crazy. I swear I heard a donkey braying down in our yard.”
Before I could comment that we didn’t have a donkey, the phone rang. Who in the hell do you think would be calling at midnight. As soon as Jeanne picked up the phone, I knew who it was. It was Dolores and she was on her way over.
I started a pot of coffee as Jeanne flew out to the barn. Ten minutes later I was taking my first sip when Dolores trotted through the yard without even stopping. I took the pot and four empty cups and walked slowly to the barn.
Was I in for a surprise. Jeanne was handing a little baby to Dolores. “It’s a baby girl,” they cried in unison. I tried not to get excited so I poured four cups of coffee as everyone smiled and touched the baby. Mary was on the quilt, wearing a happy smile.
“How come it’s a girl? I thought it was supposed to be a boy.”
Dolores swayed back and forth with the child. “Whatever gave you that crazy idea?”
“It’s got to be a boy. Who ever heard of Joseph and Mary having a little girl? Nobody will believe it. You’ll be the laughing stock of Berlin.”
Dolores shook her head. “She’s going to be a queen. Just wait and see.”

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  1. Gerald Pine says:

    While Mary lay on the quilt

    Smart people sound like crazy people to stupid people.
    Spirit Science

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