She was fully dressed at six o’clock. I cringed. Something cataclysmic was about to happen because Jeanne usually doesn’t even think of getting up before nine.”
Before I could say a word, they were sitting on opposites sides of the table and talking.
The whole day was a total disaster. Jeanne and Dolores were constantly running from the deck to the barn. I’d try asking a question and they would be running and singing to the barn. They did tell me Joseph and Mary were still there and the baby was imminent.
I asked how eminent. I could see it now. The whole farm would be an encampment like Woodstock. People everywhere.
I asked them if they were going to get a doctor? All they would do is shrug their shoulders, give me a dumb grin and say, maybe today, tomorrow, the next day, this week or maybe next month. They didn’t have a clue. Then the dumb farmers from Ironshire returned.
Guess what? They were bearing a gift. A little lamb.”
You would have thought Jeanne and Dolores had won the super jackpot worth $100,000,000. They nearly had a fit right on the deck. Finally, they pulled the three farmers out to the barn and presented the little lamb. After the farmers left, here came the three people from the contest.”
You would think since they were supposed to be three kings bearing gifts, they would have something valuable. They had stopped at Pizza Hut and had a huge pizza with everything. They gave me a slice and ran to the barn. Twenty minutes later, they were gone and in no time the three dumb women came.
They had a bottle of wine and a twelve-pack of beer. I took a beer and on they went to the barn. After a while they left empty handed. It was fairly calm the rest of the day. Looking back, I can see it was the lull before the storm.”
After the three women left I took my time and walked to the barn. Joseph, Dolores and Jeanne were sitting at an old card table and Mary was lying on a big pile of hay with my prize quilt as a shawl. I was hoping for another slice of pizza but they had eaten the whole thing.”
I stood in the entryway for ten seconds. The girls ignored me. Finally, Joseph said, “Come join us and have a seat. What will you have? A bottle of beer or a glass of wine?”
I asked a lot of questions: Where were they from? Where were they going? When was the baby due? I never got a straight answer. It was like Clinton and Trump.

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