“Oh my God, Jeanne, it’s the Three Shepherds.” Dolores looked at Jeanne questioningly. “Can we take them to the barn?”
Jeanne was off the deck beckoning the three men to follow. She was pulling on them and Dolores was pushing. I watched them trot to the door but go in very slowly.
Three Shepherds. Where did they get that crazy idea? They were just three dumb farmers from Ironshire who had lost one of their lambs.
Twenty minutes later, all five came out of the barn and started prancing across the yard. They stopped by the deck. The farmer nodded at me and then talked to Jeanne.”
“If the little lamb shows up, keep it for Joseph and Mary. They began walking out the lane singing Joy to the World off key and sounding terrible.”
“What are we going to do?” Dolores cocked an ear at the ebbing music. “We should be out telling the world.”
Jeanne was shaking her head. “Both Mary and Joseph said not to. We can’t do anything they don’t approve.”
You won’t believe the rest of that morning. Three men came saying we had won gifts from some clearing house. Dolores nearly had a conniption thinking they were the Three Kings bearing gifts. They followed the same routine. Take them to the barn and send them home singing carols.
Then three women arrived with pamphlets describing the birth of the cosmos. Of course, Dolores knew right away that they were the Three Wise Men. When they left, they were singing Silent Night.
Dolores and Jeanne fell into their chairs and started on another slice of melon. I was tired of this nonsense. I talked mainly to Dolores.
“They were women, you idiot. How can they be Wise Men? This whole thing is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.”
Dolores ignored me. She started talking to Jeanne saying she would be here early tomorrow. She gulped down the rest of her melons and waltzed down the lane.”
The next day was even worse. I had just finished enjoying my first cup of coffee on the deck. It was still dawn; everything was quiet except for two hoot owls calling each other. I leaned back at peace with the world. Then I sensed someone else was in the yard. Dolores walked up on the deck with her tablet. Before I could say anything, Jeanne appeared at the table with two cups of coffee.

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  1. Gerald Pine says:

    Watch your quotation marks. If you open, you have to close, and enclose only the words the person said.

    Smart people sound like crazy people to stupid people.
    Spirit Science

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