Second Coming 3

“Well, what’s going on out in the barn?” Jeanne didn’t answer. She kept on humming. I think it was Silent Night. “You know you are going overboard on this. That is not Mary and Joe out in the barn.”
Something was wrong. She was like she had five vodka and tonics and a tequila shooter. I was scratching my head wondering what I could say to snap her out when she glanced down the lane and started grinning.
I knew who it was without even looking. “It’s Dolores, isn’t it?” Jeanne smiled and I turned slowly toward the lane. Sure enough, Dolores was walking into the yard intently studying her tablet. She stopped about ten feet from our deck.
“Where are Joseph and Mary?”
Jeanne was off the deck in a flash and pulling Dolores towards the barn. I debated on following then to the barn, but I decided against it. It was all crazy and I didn’t want to get involved. Jeanne came running back, went in the house without a word and came out with my best quilt. My mom had made it especially for me.
“Mary needs this. The straw is giving her a rash.”
I started to protest but Jeanne was halfway to the barn. I slowly finished my melon and threw the rind out in the yard for the chickens.
Half an hour later they came walking to the deck. I should say dancing and singing. I think they were singing Joy to the World.
Jeanne pointed at a chair at the table. “How about a slice of melon for breakfast?”
Dolores nodded and looked at me. “How does it feel to have Joseph and Mary in your barn? I’m so excited and want to yell it from the roof tops but Joseph said not right now.”
“You both are crazier than loons. That’s Joseph and Mary Smith or Joseph and Mary Jones out in the barn. How can you be so dumb and gullible? It’s not even Christmas time. It’s June. And Bethlehem is four or five thousand miles away.”
Dolores had a dumb grin on her face. “Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice. Christmas falls in the Winter Solstice time frame. Exactly six months apart.”
Who can argue with logic like that? I was getting ready to tell her how stupid she sounded when I heard a noise. I looked to our lane and three men were coming.
“Good morning friends. We were wondering if you have seen a stray lamb. We were riding by yesterday and one escaped from our trailer. A pretty little lamb. We would love to have it back.”

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