episode 2 of 7

Jeanne barely nodded. “I don’t know. It seems strange that Dolores was looking for Joseph and Mary.” She stared across the breakfast table. “You do know who Joseph and Mary are, don’t you?”
“Of course, I know about them from the bible. But that was two thousand years ago.”
The next morning, we were eating breakfast on the deck again. I had a delicious melon from the garden. I looked up. A man and a clearly pregnant woman were walking up the lane. He was holding on her elbow and helping her along. I looked at Jeanne and she was staring at the two people. I didn’t know what to do; Get up and help? Ask them what they were doing? Call the police? Call the church? But Jeanne spoke first.
“Hi, can we help you?”
“We would like a place to rest. As you can see, my wife is heavy with child. We would spend the night and be gone tomorrow.”
“My wife jumped out of her chair and went to the railing.”
“Yes, we have plenty of room for you and your wife. We have two spare bedrooms upstairs.”
“No, all we want is a barn to rest in for a while. A little hay and water to drink would be fine.”
I opened my mouth to speak again but Jeanne was already talking and leaving the deck.
“We have a nice barn and plenty of hay and clean water.” She went to the other side of Mary. “Let’s go to the barn. Let me help, please.”
I watched Jeanne guide them to the barn and disappear inside. It was ten minutes before Jeanne trotted back to the house. In a few minutes, she came out with a huge tray of food: cold fried chicken, sliced tomatoes, rye bread, butter, a glass of milk and more. She didn’t say a word. Just trotted to the barn.
I was getting ready to go to the barn when Jeanne came skipping back to the house, humming a gospel song and clapping her hands. I could tell right then she was out of her gourd.
She had seen the light. She really thought that was the original Joseph and Mary out in the barn.
I knew Jeanne had fallen into the pool at the deep end. I knew that wasn’t Joseph and Mary out in the barn and this wasn’t Bethlehem.

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One Response to episode 2 of 7

  1. Rick Palmer says:

    I have to agree, this story seems to remind me of a past happening!
    Rick P.

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