Episode 7

They all nodded and smiled sincerely. We headed up the ramp to the beach. The beach was wide at this location. The ocean was rough with huge breakers. Sea gulls of various species were flying around us. Some of the children threw pebbles and shells in the air. Sea gulls chased them hoping for a piece of bread or other food. Ghost crabs were skittering on the beach. 1353 Their burrows were at least fifty feet from the ocean’s edge. Periodically the ghost crab has to run back to the surf and wet their gills or they will die.

The children tried to catch them to no avail. The crabs were too fast. Then they tried to dig the crabs out, but the burrows were too deep.

I gave my last pep talk; stay out of the ocean, stay off the dunes and don’t bother fishermen and other people on the beach. I sent the new boy to the edge of the dunes as far away from the ocean as possible just to be on the safe side.

Only one more episode

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1 Response to Episode 7

  1. sctorrington says:

    I’m saving up all the episodes to read in one sitting. Can’t help but catch sentences in each posting, so I am most intrigued. Thanks for sharing.

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