Episode 6

Our principal paid a visit at lunchtime just to check things out. Making sure we had the same number of children that we started with. He frowned looking at all the wet feet and muddy clothes. Parents would be calling him tonight complaining that their child will probably catch pneumonia and no one in their right mind would send children out on such a bad day.

The guidance counselor was wet to her waist and wanted to go home. The principal stuck to his guns and said no, the children needed her.

I gave him my report. Everything was fine and the children were enjoying earth day and they were in a learning situation.

We threw our lunch trash away. My class was ready for the beach. I gave them a pep talk and explained was was going on.

Stay out of the ocean. Don’t bother anyone surf fishing. Do not pet the ponies. Don’t even approach them. Stay out of the ocean. Stay off of the dunes. Don’t bother living things. We would be going south toward Virginia. The other class would be walking north toward Ocean City. Stay together, do not run ahead or lag behind. Stay out of the ocean.

They all nodded and smiled sincerely.

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