episode 5

A developer from Washington owned most of the Maryland part of Assateague. In the late fifties he had an asphalt and concrete road built running down the center of the island. Side streets were named and street signs installed. He was ready to sell lots. Some lots were underwater in ponds and lagoons. Others were half in the Chincoteague Bay. It made no difference, people love waterfront property.

Then came the storm of the century. The Great March Storm of 1962. A noreaster pounded the east coast for three days and five high tides. The road was destroyed. Most of the lots were underwater. Maryland and the federqal government decided to buy all of Assateague and create a state park and a federal park. Hunting shanties and shacks could operate for ten years. Private vacation home were bought. One was owned by the CEO of Scott Paper. President Nixon vacationed there.

It was lunchtime. We trekked back to the buses to retrieve our lunches and be taken to the lunch area. The bus drivers squalled and cried when they saw the wet and sandy children run to their buses. It wasn’t any use for the drivers to complain. The children were laughing and having a splendid time. A great earth day. I was the last to leave the bus. I looked back. Every seat was wet and the floor was covered in sand. 1105

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2 Responses to episode 5

  1. Mark Nevin says:

    I love your stories! Keep them coming.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Gerald Pine says:

    Good story! Where was I for the Great March Storm of ’62? I don’t remember it. I know I was at Colonel Richardson. Maybe we were too far inland.

    If Jesus had had a gun, he’d be alive today! Homer Simpson


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