Episode two

On Earth Day, we were ready.

The evening previous to Earth Day, it had poured. The sidewalks were still wet when the principal gave the students a pep talk. It was mainly stay away from the ponies, stay out of the ocean, don’t bother the ponies, stay our of the bay and don’t feed the ponies.

We loaded onto the buses and took off for Assateague Island. Everyone had a bag or bags for their booty. Some had fifty gallon industrial strength trash bags, others thirty gallon and some with cloth bags.

We rode down Synepuxent Neck, crossed over the Chincoteague Bay on the Verrzanno Bridge on to Assateague Island. I could see that the marsh was flooded from the heavy rains and high tide. The driver turned south and drove five or six miles and stopped at an intersection There was a road going to the beach and one to an old dock where the ferry docked before the bridge was built.

Before I could even get off the bus and say a few words, the new boy yelled “Let’s go.” The whole class, boys and girls, broke out into a dead run. In thirty seconds they were out of sight around a bend in the road..

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