Earth Day one

The Worcester County Board of Education decided that the eighth grade students should participate in Earth Day. Berlin’s students would visit Assateague Island. The other schools would visit the Pocomoke River.

We were going to Assateague with four eighth grade classes, about a hundred students, four teachers, ten to twelve parents, the Guidance Councilor and the Vice Principal. We had very little time to prepare. Each teacher made their own plans for the day.

I decided to incorporate a treasure hunt, a scavenger hunt and general clean-up into one big hunt. Student would need a bag.

Assateague National Park provided the school with hand drawn maps of the general area in which we would be turned loose.

In the two days prior to the field trip, I went over things to look for on the beach. Plus stay out of the ocean. We wanted different kinds of shells and only one of each species: oyster, clam, conch, whelk, moon, cockles. Look especially for left handed shells. Biters from different crab species. Mermaid purses, conch eggs. In a nut shell, anything that was alive once and came from the ocean. I gave special instructions to a new boy. A big boy. Plus stay out of the ocean.

On the bay side, they were to look for different seeds, plants and hopefully Assateague Ponies and other wildlife.

On Earth Day, we were ready.

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