Lucy shook her head. “No enough.”

“Fifty. That’s as high as I can go.” He stood and walked a few steps toward the clump of bushes.

“What the hell,” Lucy thought. “I’m not keeping the money.” She stood holding on to her purse. “OK, fifty it is for a peek and a cheap feelie.”

She stepped into the clearing expecting to see Pine with handcuffs ready. Pine was not to be seen. She sat on the bench wondering what to do. The mayor’s voice grated on her ears.

“Stand here and hike up your dress. I have to see the tiger panties right now.” He grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet, her purse still on the bench. She reached for it.

He gave a hard push and tripped her with his lower leg. In a split second she was on her back, legs spread and dress up to her chest. His hands were trying to find the waist band of the tiger panties.

Her scream came out in one long word. “Hehashishandsonmytiger.” She gasped for breath. “Pine. Where the hell are you? I need you now.”

Pine stepped into the clearing aiming a video camera at Lucy and the mayor. He quickly set the camera and tripod down, still aiming at the pair. In a second he had cuffs on the mayor and was grinning at Lucy.

Lucy snatched up her panties and pulled at her dress. “Get him off of me and help me up.” She sat on the bench breathing hard from excitement and exertion. “What are you going to do with that video.”

Pine pulled the mayor to his feet. “It’s evidence in this guy’s court case.”

“A video of me on my back, dress up and some guy pulling my panties down. No way. Give it to me and I’ll destroy it.”

Pine grinned, shook his head and began pushing the mayor to their squad car. “It will get us all raises and promotions. Plus with the mayor convicted, I may run myself.”

“Have you lost your damn mind?”


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