Episode 15

“In other words, I look like a whore out looking for business.”

Detective Pine nodded. “Chief Lynch wouldn’t recognize you.”

Let’s split right here. I’ll go to the same bench where LaVerne was assaulted. Keep me in sight all the time. This guy might be very sneaky.”

Pine nodded. He went to another path running parallel to Lucy’s path. He ambled along slowly enjoying the warm air and scenery of the park. An hour later he crept into the circle of bushes. Lucy was already sitting on the bench by the path reading a girly magazine.

Pine called her number. “Did you see anyone suspicious? Anyone who could be our pervert?”

“Every man stared at me and sniffed the air. I think the manufacturer put pheromones in the fur to attract males.” She lowered her voice. “Watch as this guy walks by.” She dropped the phone in her purse.

The man stopped, stretched and sniffed the air. “A lovely day and the air smells delicious.” He sniffed again. “A decided lingering odor of wildness. Don’t you agree? Do you mind if I sit for a while?”

Lucy looked the man over for a second. He didn’t fit LaVerne’s description and he didn’t have a briefcase. She moved to the very end of the bench showing a lot of leg and one inch of the tiger. “Go ahead.” She smiled widely and crossed her legs.

“Nice day, isn’t it.” He wiped his lips nervously.

Lucy cut to the quick..

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