Episode 13

Lucy closed her eyes for a few seconds. “Alright, I’ll do it. But I’m buying what I want. No crazy fox panties with a tail dangling down from my rear end. No beaver. Maybe a pair trimmed in mink.” She smiled at Lynch for the first time. “This will go on the department expense account. Right?”

Chief Lynch was slow in answering. He began to slowly nod. “Just don’t go overboard with mink and ermine. Panties trimmed in muskrat will be fine.”

Lucy ignored the chief. “I might go with leopard or tiger. Maybe the box will say tiger skin bikini panties with glitter and rhinestones.”

Pine was shaking his head. “Animal rights activists won’t like that. Get imitation panties of some kind.”

Lucy frowned at the two men. “Forget that. If I’m going to show my ass, it at least is going to be covered in style.” She stood abruptly and glanced at Pine. “Are you ready? Let’s go to Macy’s and then to the park.”

Two hours later Pine parked the unmarked patrol vehicle outside of the park. He glanced quickly at Lucy. “How do they feel?”

She walked a few steps and stopped. “Very smooth and warm. The fake tigers go halfway to my knees. You should try a pair.” She grinned at Pine. “Men’s of course.” She adjusted her blonde wig and pulled her blouse lower. “How do I look?”

“I didn’t recognize you when you came out of Macy’s. Your lipstick is too gaudy. You have too many beauty spots. Your boobs are sticking out like Dolly Parton and the long blonde hair hides half your face.”

“In other words, I look like a whore out looking for business.”

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One Response to Episode 13

  1. redweasel61 says:

    Great series Nelson! I can’t wait for the next episode. –Paula Sterling

    ps – I will be sharing this with a certain ’49er 😉

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