Episode 13

Lynch’s face broke into a slow grin. He kept his eyes on Lucy. “A decent looking woman wearing beaver panties.”

Detective Lucy stared at one man and then the other. “Oh, no. Not me. I’m not wearing any damn beaver undies. You can get LaVerne for the job.”

The two men ignored Detective Lucy.

“You and Lucy go downtown to the department store and buy a pair of nice fur panties. Make sure you get the box they come in. She can sit on a park bench with a box advertising fur-lined panties.” Chief Lynch paused a second. “What do you think of that?”

“I’m not wearing any crazy beaver panties.”

“It’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel.” Detective Pine said. “I’ll be hiding in the bushes waiting.” He thought for a moment. “She can wear a short dress and show a lot of leg. That will attract him and every sexual predator from a mile away.”

Lucy moved her chair back a foot. “I’m not wearing any ugly beaver panties.”

Chief Lynch looked at Lucy in bewilderment. “What did you say? There will be promotions and raises for all of us when we collar this sex fiend. You got to do it for the community. That’s why you became a policeman. Doing your best to protect the citizens of our city.”

Lucy opened her mouth to speak but Detective Pine cut her off. “We won’t get beaver, we’ll get something else.” He rubbed his chin and grinned. “How about red fox for a foxy lady.”

The chief nodded. “See if you can get a pair with the tail attached. The pervert will go right out of his tree.”

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