Episode 12

The mayor answered quickly. “Well Dearie,” he moved his eyes from her neck to her knees, “just what are your special talents?”

“I’ve been investigating homicides for the last five years. Chasing panty snatchers is a waste of my time and tax payer’s money.”

The mayor stared at her chest and spoke to the chief. “After this case, put her where ever she wants to be.” His eyes darted downward and back up to her eyes. “I would like a briefing tonight.” He handed her a business card. “I’ll expect a call around eight.” He nodded at the two men and walked out.

Lucy waited until the door closed behind the Mayor. “Did you hear that idiot? He called me Dearie just like I was his personal secretary.” She paused a moment. “And he’s got another think coming if he thinks I’m going to give him a briefing.”

Chief Lynch held out a soothing hand. “Let’s not go overboard. We have to find this crook.”

Lucy kept on. “Did you see him shake my hand. The asshole wouldn’t let go. He kept his eyes on my chest and crotch the whole time.”

“Let’s make a plan.” Lynch said. “I want you guys in the park all day.” He looked at Pine. “What’s your plan? You haven’t said a word all morning.”

“We need a decoy.” He looked away from Lucy. “A decent looking woman wearing fur panties. We advertise a bit and he’ll come just like a bee to honey.”

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