Commander Lynch waved his hand in dismissal of that idea. “I don’t care about a prostitute soliciting in the park. She’s probably not the only one. What I want and what the mayor wants is this insane criminal behind bars. Do I make myself clear. The mayor is watching you two. Now go home and think. I want a plan tomorrow morning on how you two are going to apprehend this sex fiend.”

The next morning Detective Pine waited at the station entrance for Detective Lucy. “What kind of plan did you come up with?” He asked. “We need a good one to please the chief and the mayor.”

“Forget it.” Lucy marched down the hallway at a fast pace. “I’m telling Lynch I want off this case. Chasing perverts and prostitutes is not my idea of good police work.”

“Well, what’s the plan?” They were ten feet from his desk. “The mayor and I want action today and the crazy guy behind a locked door tonight.” He paused a moment and looked at a man sitting beside the desk. “This is Mayor Smith. He’s very interested in this case and wants to be kept up to date with daily briefings.”

The mayor stood, shook hands quickly with Pine. He held Lucy’s hand tightly. “Well, well, Chief Lynch is to be commended for having such outstanding detectives on the force.” He pumped Lucy’s hand a few more times. “This blight on our community must be caught and quickly.” He held Lucy’s hand. “What is your plan?”

Lucy pulled lightly on her hand to no avail. “I don’t have a plan.” She paused a moment and squeezed the mayor’s hand and pulled hard with success. “I’m also asking Chief Lynch to remove me from this case. My talents are better utilized in another field of police work.”

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One Response to 11/13/14

  1. Carol Ann Ellis says:

    The plot thickens … looks like there’s more than one loose woman in this story mmmmmm. . . (not to mention questionable men)


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