“See that woman with the dog.” She waited a second. “The woman is a prostitute. She’s trolling for men right now.”

“She’s just walking her dog.”

Lucy grinned at Pine. “She’s a high class whore. She charges twenty percent more and no policeman wants to arrest a woman with a pretty dog. Let’s go in and see the commander.”

Pine began walking toward their car. “I don’t believe a damn word you say. She’s just a woman walking her dog.”

Commander Lynch leaned back in his chair as the two detectives approached his desk. “Who did you arrest? I’ve been catching all kinds of static today about the panty snatching at the park. What did you find out?” He pointed at Pine. “You first. Then I want to hear her version. This snatcher is getting a lot of publicity.”

“Chief, this brutal assault on a young girl happened in broad daylight in our city’s park. It was terrible. Her panties were ripped from her body. Her body was violated. Her psyche may never recover.”

Lynch waited for Pine to continue. Finally he asked, “What about the fur lined panties I hear about in the news. The local news stations are having a field day. Don’t screw up or I’ll throw you under the bus.” He leaned back farther and pointed at Detective Lucy. “What do you have for me?”

“I must have investigated a different crime from Detective Pine.” She rolled her eyes at the ceiling. “In the first place, she’s not a young girl. She’s an adult woman and not too young at that. She is also a prostitute working our fair city’s park. She picks up men, takes them to a secluded clump of bushes. Then bam, bam, twenty dollars please. The thief removed her panties when she laid down in the grass.” Lucy thought for a second. “Or she may have handed them to him. He was so excited about getting a pair of panties trimmed in rabbit fur that he ran off without having sex or paying. You may have a rap sheet on her. Look up LaVerne Tyler.”

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One Response to Wednesday

  1. Carol Ann Ellis says:

    Hi Nelson,

    I’m enjoying your “panties saga.” I do have a suggestion. Try to tie the woman with the dog in more closely with the rest of the story. Are you suggesting that this is a hangout for various prostitutes, including LaVerne?

    You could say something like–See that woman with the dog? She’s another one of them. They all hang out here, posing as . . .

    Looking forward to the next segment,

    Carol Ann

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