“Come on, let’s go. We’ll walk around the park and look for discarded panties.”

Pine reluctantly followed Lucy to the gravel path winding through the park. “Don’t you think you were a little hard on the poor woman. She lost her panties, was groped and lost her respect for men in general.”

“You dumb ass, have you lost your damn mind. That little circle of bushes is her home away from home.”

Pine stopped walking and stared at Lucy. “What do you mean?”

Lucy shook her head in mock sorrow. “Did you look under the bushes on the bare ground.” She waited for Pine’s slow shake. “It was covered with old condoms. That clump of bushes is where sweet LaVerne takes Johns at twenty bucks a pop.”

Pine was shaking his head and talking at the same time. “You got it all wrong. LaVerne is just a sweet young girl out for a walk in the park.”

Lucy began walking down the path. “If you say so. Only don’t ask her out for a date. Commander Lynch wouldn’t like that.”

Later in the day Detective Lucy glanced at her watch. “I’ve walked around this park enough for one day. Let’s report to Lynch and file our report. He may want us to do a follow up on LaVerne.” She stopped and nodded at a woman walking a small dog on another path. “See that woman with the dog.”

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