“Well, like I said. He opened his briefcase and said look what I have.” LaVerne smiled at Pine. “Guess what,” she hesitated a few seconds. “It was full of panties, all kinds and colors. From g-strings to full sized. He picked up a green pair and held them out to me.”

“Weren’t you suspicious about this guy by now? Most men don’t carry around a briefcase full of women’s undergarments.” Lucy looked at the ground under the bushes.

“No, I thought he was a salesman. He was such a smooth talker.” She turned back to Detective Pine. “I asked him if he was a salesman for an undergarment company. He was showing me a tiny bikini with rhinestones at the time. He shook his head, caressed the bikini and said he was a collector. He collected panties of the rich and famous and sold them on Ebay.”

“Did you believe any of this trash?” Lucy smiled evilly at LaVerne. “It’s the dumbest story I’ve ever heard.” She folded her arms across her chest. “Skip all this nonsense. Just how did he get your panties off.”

“Well, I just happened to mention that I was wearing red panties trimmed in real rabbit fur.” She placed her hand on Detective Pine’s knee. “He got all excited and said he had to see them.”

“Well, were you getting worried now?” Lucy asked. “Did you try to leave?”

“He was such a nice guy. His voice was so soft and easy to understand.” LaVerne smiled at Detective Pine. “Of course I had no intention of showing him anything.”

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