Episode 6

Detective Lucy backed a few steps away from the group of reporters. She surveyed the reporters hoping for another question.

A male reporter took up the question. “What about these fur lined panties? What was the fur?” He grinned at Lucy. “Animal rights groups are going to love this.”

Lucy shook her head quickly. “Probably imitation.” She broke away from the reporters and hurried to Pine and the victim.

Pine was pulling the woman to the clump of bushes. “Detective Lucy, I’d like to introduce to you to LaVerne Tyler. The poor woman had her fur panties snatched right off in a split second.” He smiled and patted LaVerne on her arm. “Go ahead. Tell her everything.”

LaVerne led them down a narrow path between two bushes into a small clearing. The clearing was surrounded by Russian olives, cedars, and various bushes. LaVerne pointed at the bench in the center. “We were sitting there talking about movie stars and their clothing. He had his briefcase across his knees. He said he wanted to show me something.”

Lucy frowned at the woman. “Weren’t you a tiny bit worried about being in a hidden place in the city park. You know things happen to solitary woman in city parks.”

LaVerne shook her head. “He was such a nice guy and he had a real smooth voice.”

Pine patted her on the knee. “Tell us how it happened.”

LaVerne leaned closer to Detective Pine, bathing him in a sweet perfume.

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