Episode 5

Pine didn’t budge. “What was she wearing? What color?”

The patrolman grinned with a half leer. “She said she was wearing red panties,” He looked at the victim and lowered his voice. “They were trimmed in rabbit fur. She said real honest to God rabbit fur.”

“Enough,” Lucy said. “What did she say about the snatcher. What did this pervert look like? What was he wearing?”

The cop opened his tablet. “He was nice looking. Not too big. Not too small. Just average size.”

“Is that all.” Detective Lucy raised her voice. “If someone ripped off my underwear, I would damn well know what he looked like.” She watched Pine begin to walk slowly toward the victim. “Make sure Commander Lynch gets your report.”

Pine was trying to shoo the reporters away. “You guys have enough info. Let us question the lady and find out what happened.”

Lucy nodded to the group of reporters. “Check with Commander Lynch later on. He’ll fill in all the details for you guys.”

A female reporter aimed her question at Detective Lucy. “Do you think this is the original panty raider or just a copy cat?”

Lucy rolled her eyes at the clouds. “Who knows. It’s probably some college initiation prank. The thief needs a certain amount to get into a fraternity.”

The reporter kept on talking. “But this time the victim,” she glanced at the woman showing Pine some leg, “this time the victim was wearing fur lined panties.” She broke into a low giggle. “What do you say to that?”

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