Episode 3

“What! Have you lost your simple mind? Did Commander Lynch assign me to you to make sure I screwed up and he could fire me.”

“No, of course not. Why would Lynch want to fire you?”

Lucy was quiet or a few seconds. “I don’t think he likes female police officers.” She nodded at the window. “Here’s the park. Let’s find this dumb ass woman.”

Pine turned into the park, slowed to a crawl and began looking at all the women. He stopped and nodded toward a woman walking a half pit bull and half rottweiler. “There she is. She looks like the type of woman who would wear fur lined panties.”

Lucy stared at Pine. “Judging women by what they wear, are you?” She paused a few seconds. “Forget her. No mugger or panty snatcher is going to bother a woman with that breed of hound. Keep on going and find our crazy panty victim.”

Ten minutes went by before Lucy pointed at a woman sitting on a bench surrounded by five or six people and one patrolman. Some were taking photos while others were taking notes. “Oh, oh, it looks like the tabloids are going to have a field day with this story.” She pulled on Pine’s arm. “Don’t go overboard with your half baked idea of fur lined panties. It would cause Commander Lynch to have a fit.” She smiled briefly to herself as Pine parked the car.

Lucy had to trot to keep up with Pine as he hurriedly approached the group of people. She whispered quickly. “Remember, no fur lined panty nonsense.”

Pine barely nodded. He flashed his badge at the patrolman and the woman. “What happened here? A mugging? A violent crime?”

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