Episode 2

“I want you and that new detective that the police commissioner sent us to do a thorough investigation. Her name is Lucy something. She is waiting for me to assign her a post. Get her and the panty information and hit the road.” Lynch walked five feet and turned back. “What are you waiting for? Get going. I want results.”

Detective Pine hurriedly walked to the waiting room. Only one female in plain clothes was sitting on a bench next to the wall. He held out his hand. “Detective Lucy?” He waited for a faint nod. “I’m Detective Fifth Class Pine.”

She stared at his hand. “What the hell do you want? I’m waiting for Commander Lynch. He is supposed to assign me a position in this outfit.”

“I just spoke with Lynch. He wants you and me to investigate the latest panty theft. It just happened this morning in broad daylight.”

“What do you mean, broad daylight? Did it happen outside?”

Pine nodded. “Right in the park.” He started walking toward the exit. “Come on, let’s get cracking. The woman is still at the park”

Detective Lucy waited until Pine was speeding toward the park. “Did the perpetrator sexually molest the victim?” She watched Pine shake his head. “Did he fondle her in any way? Caress her body or squeeze her boobs?”

Pine swerved to miss a bicyclist. “I have a theory about this bandit. He has snatched panties of all colors, all kinds of lace and materials.” He paused a moment and looked at Detective Lucy. “I think when he strikes again it will be for fur panties.”

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