Episode 1


“Chief.” Detective fifth class Pine stopped Chief Lynch in the hallway. “I have an idea about the panty bandit.” All we have to do —-”

Lynch gently pushed Detective Pine up against the wall. “How many times have I told you there is no panty bandit. It’s just a simple burglar breaking into homes, stealing valuables and on his way out just happens to take some feminine under garments.” Lynch stepped back. “He’s probably taking some home for his girlfriend.”

“But Chief. Sometimes he actually removes the panties while the victim is sleeping.”

“You don’t actually believe that, do you? These women probably woke up while the burglar was in their bedroom and they threw their panties at him.” He leered at Pine. “It was an invitation, you idiot.”

“No, no.” Pine was shaking his head and moving closer to the Chief. “His next victim is going to be wearing fur panties. Genuine muskrat or beaver.” He paused a moment. “Of course rich women can buy mink or ermine fur panties at Amazon or ebay.”

“Have you lost your damn mind? Go away. Don’t you have something to do?” He held out his hand keeping Pine an arm-length away while he answered his phone. He dropped it in his coat pocket and studied Pine for an instant. “OK, There’s been another panty heist. This time in broad daylight. The pervert is getting brazen. It’s time for him to be in the slammer.”

From the Badlands of New Mexico

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