We made out daily trip to the dog park. We meet more people at the dog park than anywhere else.. Today a man and woman had two big mixed poodles types. One jet black and the other gray. Both curly
Jeanne is on the phone lining up DirecTV, phone and internet. Century Link may provide phone and internet. We are both lost in the wilderness without the internet.
Jeanne also has found people to play Mah Jongg. Weekly. I hope they don’t need me.
I have done nil writing here.. Maybe in the new/old house I can get in a closet and write. I use to write best early in the morning while still dark. No distractions..
I don’t think I need a grass cutter out here.

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2 Responses to 14th

  1. George Johnson says:

    Nelson – Big Question !  Are you giving up on Taylorville and staying in New Mexico.  I’m certain that Olin does not take this as good news.



  2. Carol Ann Ellis says:

    Hi Nelson,

    Dog parks, mah jong, DirecTV–sounds like Berlin to me. Are you sure you want to leave all of us lovely people? (hee, hee). Very rainy and cool here today–went to a new dentist–Jean Brauning on 611. Old one (Peninsula Dental in S-bury) constantly overcharged us–several hundred all told. Had to fight and wait six months to get it back. Finally said–“enough”!! Only reason we stayed as long as we did (several years) was that the hygienist was very good.

    My dad loved Arizona–after spending 70-some cold winters in upstate NY.

    Sounds like you are settling in nicely.

    Pat the pups for us.

    Carol Ann

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