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3 Responses to pix from Silver City

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your journey!

  2. CAROLYN says:

    Thanks for sharing. Looks like you are having a great time.  How long are you staying in MX?

    Got a message from Stevie Prettyman, last night that she is coming to FL., tomorrow til the end of Feb.  I think her family always spends Christmas down here.  I go back to DE., on Sat.  Going to miss this nice weather.


    PS……..    I am doing away w/the earthlink email address so please change to the address below.  Not sure if I had told you that before.

    WHY  NOT  TRAVEL Carolyn Parsons, Travel Consultant C # 443-235-9359 Email:  parsons6068@Comcast.net Website:   http://WhyNotTravel.jurni.net

  3. Ann Oster says:

    Hi there Nelson, Sure does look like you folks are having a grand ole time. Go for IT! Bert and I leave for DelRay Beach Monday morning, for our Family Christmas at our son, Mike and his wonderful wife’s home. Our boys take turns having our Christmas together, so being in Florida this year will be grand. It is a real “hoot” when the guys are together. They are like teen agers again, not like the “older, much older” guys they really are. And Bert and I love it!!

    That’s all for now. May you all have a wonderful Christmas, and safe travels always. Ann

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