We have a dusting of snow in Silver City this


We changed our minds about going to the

Catwalk. It is due north and heading into the

colder weather.. Brrr

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3 Responses to Catwalk

  1. sandra frazier says:

    We had rain here this am but sun is out now.  My upstairs airhandler died (well the computer board flaked out and since it is so old there is no replacement available and thus I have to have a whole new air handler.  Merry Xmas).  Otherwise though everything is pretty much the same.  Miss you guys.  Any idea how long you will be there?  We will be home mid january.

  2. Beth says:

    Hi Nelson and Jeanne! It is 60 degrees here and the sun was out for my morning walk with Cassie. Of course it will be raining soon, then we’ll get some drop in the temp on Saturday. Sure hope you get a little warmer in the next fews days. Keep warm and dry! xoxo Beth

  3. Gerald Pine says:

    Nelson, I was renewing my subscription to Mental_Floss when I came to a section that said I could give a free one-year subscription to anyone, so I put your name and address down. It’s only for one year, so don’t get addicted–it’s a fun magazine.

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