We went back To Gila, New Mexico to the ranch where we spent the winter of 2010/11. Gila is 30 miles away through desolate country. Gila and other small communities are built around the Gila River which starts in the Gila Wilderness and flows across New Mexico and Arizona to empty into the Colorado river. if there’s any water left.
Last night went out to eat. Parked on Bullard St. not knowing there was going to be a Christmas parade. When we came out, the street was crowded and the car was gone.. Police had towed it. Finally a squad car had to take us to the police station to retrieve. Luckily, no fine!

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3 Responses to 12/1/13

  1. sandra says:

    The xmas spirit was with you.! Every town in America had their xmas parade on Friday I think. It has been cold here but warmer today.

  2. Gerald Pine says:

    Sounds like you have nice cops out thatta way. Here they’damadeja walk to the police station and then pay the fine and a towing fee, in cash, to get you a release that you’dahadda tooken to the yard where they keep the confiscated drug smugglers’ cars, only to find that it was closed until Monday. Then a passing patrol cop woulda arrested you for loitering. Or shot you if he could convince himself you looked like you were thinking about going for the gun that would be found near your hand. Then i’da read about it in the local paper: “Crazed elderly man attacks award-winning policeman!” Yep, them New Mexican cops are friendlier than American ones!

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  3. jEANENE says:

    All good up here in MD…The Christmas prep has begun. Rode through your yard today…all quiet and good.

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