Yesterday afternoon we had a thunderstorm. Then last night around 2am we had another.. A little rain, wind and noise. The thunder is different.. It’s higher pitched because of the elevation. (I think) Two thunderstorms in a 24 hour period is a rarity.
Jeanne went to a quilting, weaving and spinning show at a Grant County community building. When she gets the pix into her dropbox, I’ll send a link.

From the land of the green chili burger

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2 Responses to 16th

  1. Carol Ann Ellis says:

    Hi Nelson,

    We had rain last night too, though I don’t think any thunder. It started raining about 4am and continued for 3-4 hours.

    Looking forward to the pictures.


  2. 83n831 says:

    Any luck on finding gold nuggets yet? Your posts and pictures make me nostalgic about my visits to Apache Jct, AZ and driving the winding trail to Tortilla Flats.

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