second home

We pulled into Silver City around noon time. The I-25 highway running down the center of New Mexico is totally desolate. Every once in a great while there would be a village clustered around the Rio Grande. But it was easy driving. Hardly any traffic and sunny.
Then we turn off on a secondary road to Silver City. Hairpin curves, no guard rails, (you would roll for a mile) and a foot deep shoulder. Speed limit was mostly 20 mph, sometimes 15. Jeanne was a tired and nervous wreck by the time we reached civilization.
The house Jeanne rented exceeds our expectations. It is very nice and livable.
More tomorrow. I am worn out from the altitude and bringing in boxes.

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5 Responses to second home

  1. Jerry says:

    Where did you get the second home?
    What’s the scenery like?
    Look out for snakes, spiders, armed mules, etc!

  2. Carol Ann Ellis says:

    Better you two than me driving on those roads–but glad to hear that your house is nice and liveable.

    Have fun! CA

  3. Jerry says:

    What’s your street address? Google Earth really brings Silver City in close

  4. Gerald Pine says:

    What’s the altitude there? Is it another mile-high place like Denver? It sure looks barren on GoogleEarth, like landscape I wouldn’t want to walk across. Raining here for a change, but the weatherman said it would be clear and 70’s for the Florida-Georgia game. I went to the Salisbury groups site and did all the entry stuff, but it still won’t take any emails from me.

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  5. Send some pictures.


    Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2013 23:14:40 +0000 To:

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