It was lightning, thundering and raining when we left Shawnee this morning. It was sunny by the time we reached Texas. We are spending ghe nite in Amarillo ina la Quinta. Jeanne broke down and bought a beer opener. Now I am out of beer.
The Texas Panhandle is very desolate. A few gigantic farms growing cotton.
It is supposed to rain during night. Tomorrow we are off to Albuquerque.

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3 Responses to Wed

  1. 83n831 says:

    By the time you make Albuquerque we’ll be spookin’!

  2. Jerry says:

    Raining in Texas? Impossible! Must be something else. Falling dust, maybe.

  3. Carol Ann Ellis says:

    Hi Nelson and co.,

    Happy Halloween!

    I like Albuquerque, but you can have Texas.

    Thunder and lightning! Sounds like perfect Halloween weather!

    Have a spook-tacular day!

    Carol Ann

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