The End

Norman shook his head in disgust. “It’s just an ugly tattoo. Hardly punishment in my estimation.”

A banshee came up quietly and peered at the tattoo. The tattoo disappeared from her leg and re-appeared on her shoulder. “Where did it go? I couldn’t make out what it was.”

A goblin came and looked. The tattoo disappeared completely.

Hezekiah Hester waved her wand at the two. “Scat, get in back where you belong.”

Norman moved closer. “Where is the tattoo? What does it say?”

Hezekiah Hester pulled up her t-shirt and the tattoo was on her stomach. “It is a map. A treasure map.”

“A treasure map.” The witches and warlocks crooned.

“A treasure map.” The goblins grinned.

“A treasure map.” The banshees wailed.

The demons and imps began creeping to the front.

Hezekiah Hester gripped her wand tightly. “A treasure map of the Ghoul King’s gold and silver and precious jewels.”

“Gold!” the witches and warlocks whispered.

“Silver!” the imps, goblins, demons and banshees murmured.

“Jewels!” Norman moaned in ecstasy. He took a step closer to Hezekiah Hester.

“My punishment is that everyone will want to read it and it keeps switching locations.” She waved her wand as everyone rose. “Stay where you are. Don’t come any closer.” She ran to the door, hopped on her new broom and flew away.

“After her,” Norman yelled over the mass exodus from the barn.

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4 Responses to The End

  1. Jean Marx says:

    Sorry I’ve been out of the loop for a bit, but now I’ve had a chance to catch up on Nelson’s story.  Nelson, I loved all the installments along the way — they were so fun to read, and I really enjoyed the suspense.  Overall, I love the story and chuckled all the way through it!  My only comment other than loving it is, is this really the end?  You could continue embellishing and filling in the funny extraneous details, and now I’m feeling the need to know how the treasure and everyone chasing after her is going to end up.  ‘Course that’s probably the idea, but my vote is that you continue on!!  What can I say, I like resolution — haha.   So very sorry to hear about Liz — will be praying for her.    And Jean — I finished your Murder at Sea Haven Beach book!!  It was awesome!  I loved the whodunit, and of course, I guessed wrong!  Wonderful job — I can see why the Ocean Pines Book Club invited you over and had you sit in the Queen’s chair!  🙂  Hope Bernie continues to improve in his recovery.   You all are a great group!  I better have good triggers to prepare us for Saturday.    Jean X


  2. Gerald Pine says:

    I think you have the beginnings of an outline for a good novel!

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Carol Ann Ellis says:

    Hi Nelson,

    I think we might be in OZ!

    I love the idea of the moveable tattoo.


  4. says:

    Nelson, ole buddy, you are indeed a creative and interesting writer! I admit I was a little dumbfounded regarding the tattoo. I found the daily articles interesting and entertaining. olin

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