Episode 11 Monday

“Oh dear, who wanted that?” A witch fanned her face.

A warlock wiped his forehead. “It sounds like the Ghoul King. I’ve heard he likes to paint.”

“What’s that on your left shoulder?” A banshee in the back row pointed at Hezekiah Hester. “It moved. It’s in a different place.”

“What moved?” Norman granite eyes squinted at Hezekiah Hester’s shoulder. “What is that thing?”

A tear began rolling down Hezekiah Hester’s cheek. “It’s his punishment.” She wiped at the tear.

The banshees jumped around. “Whose punishment? Who did what?”

“It’s the Ghoul King’s punishment for entering his castle without permission.”

The witches cringed.

The warlocks blinked.

The goblins froze.

“He made me beautiful but he mixed the colors as punishment for entering his private forest.” She wiped another tear. “But his real punishment for entering his castle is this tattoo.” She pulled up the sleeve on her left shoulder. A bare arm. She pulled up the other sleeve. “Now where is that darn thing?” She pulled up her right pant leg to a huge red, yellow and green tattoo.

Only one more

Keep on trucking

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1 Response to Episode 11 Monday

  1. Carol Ann Ellis says:

    Hi Nelson,

    So she has a moveable tattoo? Huh, downright diabolical and clever. Sounds like something J.K. Rowling would have come up with–heady company, Nel. I hope you’ll give us a copy of the whole thing on Sat.


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