Episode 9 Saturday

“I didn’t knock. I didn’t want to disturb anyone. I went from room to room on the first floor. Somebody had recently been smoking a cigar. It was awfully quiet. No clock ticking. No dogs barking, not even a meowing cat. I stopped at the foot of a curving staircase. Someone had been here a few minutes ago. I could smell gingerbread from a recent meal.

“What’s that on your right leg above your knee?” The goblin fainted when Hezekiah Hester pointed her wand at him.

She tugged her shorts down another inch and continued. “I climbed the steps as quiet as a mouse. I checked all the rooms and sniffed the air. Smoke from a White Owl cigar lingered in the air. There was an attic door. I approached it with fearful trepidation. No one was behind me. The smoker was ahead of me.”

An imp cried out in fear and bolted from the room. His wailing was heard fading in the dark night.

There was no one in the attic. I stood perfectly still and looked around.

Something was shimmering on the far wall. After a few steps I realized it was a huge mirror. It covered the wall from ceiling to floor and from side to side. I stopped in front of it and tried to see what was making it shimmer.”

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3 Responses to Episode 9 Saturday

  1. Gerald Pine says:

    Story going well. Watch quotation marks.

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  2. Rosie says:

    This is a great story and I love it when old, spooky, haunted houses are involved because they are just as much a character as the real person and I hope a select few go on the prowl to explore it in more detail and in each room or corner of it is a delicious surprise. It would be interesting to see if they all come out of it alive, or not. I realize however that this is only a short story so not sure how much exploring is possible but keep up the good work.

  3. Carol Ann Ellis says:

    OOOH! What’s making the mirror shimmer?? I liked the White Owl cigar–how appropriate. I remember them.

    But–do castles have porches and attics? I realize that in this fantasy you can have whatever you want–but maybe a drawbridge across the moat and a drawing room of some sort or a turret rather than an attic?

    Or am I being too realistic here?

    Can’t wait for the next segment.


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