Episode 8 Friday

Hezekiah Hester frowned at the imp and gave him a hex sign. She pulled the sleeve down. “I walked and walked. There were detour signs everywhere. I got lost. I tried to return but every step I took, I went deeper into the Great Taylorville Forest.”

A collective sigh of horror came from the coven

“I came out of the dark forest and there before me was a huge castle.” Hezekiah Hester shuddered slightly. “Its turrets reached the clouds. Banners and flags were flying. But I didn’t see a single living thing. I walked closer. The drawbridge was down over a deep and wide moat. Alligators and crocodiles and great white sharks were swimming around and around. I stopped on the drawbridge and waited at least for a dog to bark an alarm. But not a sound. I entered the courtyard.”

“Oh, you brave thing,” Esmeralda, the Whaleyville Witch whispered.

“What’s that on your left shoulder?” The demon ducked down from Hezekiah Hester’s one finger sign of death.

She tugged on her left sleeve. “I went on to the porch. An empty rocking chair was rocking. The door was swinging gently back and forth but there was no breeze”

A banshee shivered and covered his ears.

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