Episode 6 Wednesday

“Who are you? Take those ugly sunglasses off.”

Hezekiah Hester removed her sunglasses with a flourish and slowly opened her eyes.

“White eyes!” Norman placed his hand on his forehead in dismay.

“White eyes!” the witches whispered.

“White eyes!” The demons and imps fell to the floor.

Norman stepped closer to Hezekiah Hester. “Stand still. Don’t move. I want to see your face. You do favor someone I know, but I can’t quite place you.”

He studied the green hair, the white eyes, the dark skin, the slightly turned up nose and white lipstick.

A banshee crept around the edge of the coven and approached Hezekiah Hester. He reached up and touched the long green hair. Recognition flooded his face. “I know her! It’s Cindy Lou!”

“Cindy Lou!” Norman howled.

“Cindy Lou!” the Witches and warlocks screamed in disbelief.

“It is, it is.” The imps, demons and banshees all screamed.

Alphonso, the oldest warlock stood. “It’s hard to believe this is Cindy Lou.” He grinned at the witch in white. “Show us a bit more so we can make sure it’s really you.”

Hezekiah Hester nodded faintly. She grabbed her collar and pulled the witch’s habit over her head and dropped it to the floor. She stood there in white shorts and a yellow t-shirt. Her golden slippers gleamed in the dimly lit barn.

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