Episode 5 tuesday

“Golden Slippers!” The witches swooned. The warlocks rubbed their hands together and smiled. The goblins joined the imps, demons and banshees in singing “oh dem golden slippers.”

Norman regained his composure. He spit on the floor twice in Hezekiah Hester’s direction to ward off any evil spirits. He brought his hands together hard making a loud clap of thunder. The sound ricocheted around the barn three times before dying out. “Quiet.” He leaned closer and tried to see through the white veil that hung down from a tall pointed checkered hat. ‘Take your hat off so we can look you in the face. I don’t believe you belong here. We’ll ride you out of town on a broken broom stick.”

Hezekiah Hester took her time. She moved her cap around her head a few times. She faced the coven and abruptly snatched her hat off. Green hair swung around in a long ponytail.

“Green Hair!” Norman screamed at the rafters.

“Green Hair!” The witches moaned.

The warlocks grinned at the beautiful long lustrous green ponytail.

The banshees emitted a high pitched keening and thought of Ireland.

Hezekiah Hester swung around a few times, her designer sunglasses white against her dark face.

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One Response to Episode 5 tuesday

  1. Carol Ann Ellis says:

    Love it!

    Just one comment–ride you out of town on a broken broomstick is hilarious, but it seems to me to be more “western” than fantastic. Wouldn’t they just make her go up in a puff of smoke and flame? Or am I trying to make too much sense of this? Hee hee.

    (just a thought. . .) Carol Ann

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