Episode 4 Monday

Norman squinted his granite eyes, his horns glowed and the sudden arrival of the apparition made his mind go blank. A few seconds went by.

“Who the devil are you?”

She swished her dress around making spiders run for cover. “Norman,” She used her loudest and harshest voice. “Norman, it is I, Hezekiah Hester.”

Norman’s stone face tried to show bewilderment. “Hes… who? Who did you say? Do we know you? Do you belong to this coven of witches and assorted brethren?”

“Hezekiah Hester. Yes, I belong here. I am a charter member in good standing.” She swirled her dress back and forth. A shapely black leg appeared through a slit in the dress.

“A black leg!” Norman stumbled back a few steps.

“A black leg!” the witches screamed in unison.

The warlocks leaned forward.

The goblins hissed.

The imps, demons and banshees covered their eyes.

Hezekiah Hester moved closer to Norman and placed her foot with a fancy slipper on a log.

“Golden Slippers with a silver buckle!” Dew formed on Norman marble forehead.

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One Response to Episode 4 Monday

  1. Carol Ann Ellis says:

    Hi Nelson,

    I love the banshees and imps “covering their eyes”–hilarious!

    Nice to find a tasty tidbit in your inbox–among all the political wrangling and general garbage.


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