Episode 3 Sunday

Cindy Lou raised her dress to her knee.

“Look at those shoes. No shoe laces and an old plastic buckle. But worse yet, your red underwear has turned orange and grungy.” He laughed and slapped his hip causing chips to fly. “Friends, what do we tell Cindy Lou?”

“Hit the road Cindy Lou, don’t come back no more, no more.” They all gave a thumbs down and pointed at the door.

Cindy Lou burst into tears. Just as she got to the door she turned back. “Just you wait until next year. I’ll be the new Worcester County Queen Witch.” She snatched open the door and disappeared into the dark moonless night.

Norman waved his hand in dismissal. “Goodbye to a sorry excuse for a witch.” He beckoned at Mz Bishopville. “Come on up and assume your duties.”

Eleven months later Norman stood in front of roughly the same crowd. “Quiet please.” His raspy voice echoed around the abandoned barn. “We are here to choose nominees for this year’s queen of the witches. Stand if interested.” The gargoyle scanned the five witches. “Anyone else?”

A rarely used rear barn door opened with a dreadful shriek of rusted metal on rusted metal. An apparition in white stepped in, her dress covered with multicolored patches, logos and painted designs. She walked to the front, clothing shimmering in the dim light. Not a bit of skin was to be seen.

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