Episode 2 Saturday

Cindy Lou ignored the blonde witch and began walking to the front. “Norman, I protest this election.”

The gargoyle shrank back at being called by his name. He was the Chairman and should be addressed as Mr. Chairman. His horns turned white in anger and the evil smile caused his stony face to crack. He held out his hand indicating for Cindy Lou to stop. “What do you have to protest about? The election was fair and square. You just didn’t have a prayer of winning.”

“No it wasn’t. I wasn’t given a chance to demonstrate my skills and artistic talents.”

Norman kept the stony smile. “Look at yourself. A raggedy old gray dress that drags the ground. Your witch hat has sagged so much it looks like a baseball cap.” He leered as Cindy Lou stopped five feet away. “Your nose is touching your chin and your eyes don’t match.”

“Those are small items in the qualifications for being the Queen Witch of Worcester County .”

Norman kept on. “Raise your dress and let’s see your leg.”

Cindy Lou raised her dress to her knee.

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One Response to Episode 2 Saturday

  1. Carol Ann Ellis says:

    Bless you, Nelson!

    A beloved cousin died unexpectedly in Canada this week, and I have done my share of crying and writing a eulogy for her funeral. I certainly needed a good laugh–a gargoyle named Norman (har, har!!) Here’s a suggestion–one of the witches could be named Cassandra. (Cassie for short). (Just that–a suggestion).

    thanks again for a good laugh.

    Carol Ann

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