Episode 1 9/20/13

This short story of 2400 words is an assignment from the First Saturday Writers for our October’s 2013 meeting. Feel free to share. The key word is witch


“And the winner is,” The gargoyle leaned toward his audience. His stony face brimming with excitement. He put a thumb on one nostril and blew hard. A wad of flaming snot hit the floor and bounced into the crowd of goblins. The gargoyles and demons cheered. The witches and warlocks smiled faintly. He fumbled with a sheet of paper. “The winner is —- the Mz Bishopville Witch. She will be the new Mz Worcester County Witch and represent all of us in the Mz Maryland Witch pageant later this month.”

The demons and imps politely clapped.

The warlock nodded.

The witches in general smiled.

“Mz Bishopville will be our spokesperson at the various parades, festivals and conventions.” He pointed out into the assembly of various beasties, creatures and critters of the night. “Will our new Mz Worcester County stand.”

Two witches stood. The taller witch removed her conical hat and shook her long blonde hair. She smirked at the crowd and turned to the other witch. “Sit down, Cindy Lou. As usual you didn’t win.” She shook her head is mock dismay. “And you never will.”214

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