A lovely morning sitting on the deck trying to figure a decent ending for my story. I bought a cantaloupe yesterday. Still not local. Salisbury growers should be coming on soon. I want a nice fully ripe lope. Not one picked green so it wouldn’t rot in the transporting.
We may be heading back to the southwest this winter. I missed the UFOs at Roswell, the green chili burgers in Silver City and the ale in Isaac’s saloon.

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2 Responses to 7/17/13

  1. Carolyn Blondie Parsons says:

    Hi Nelson ~

    Good hearing from you. If you go back to the SW, will you be staying at the same place you stayed before? I remember you all had a great time out there and must be relaxing with lots to see.

    I talked to Karen (my daughter that works @ SBY UNIV) earlier today. They are at their condo in S. Ft. Myers, until first week of Aug. It was only low 80’s there & not humid. Makes me want to head back down to my condo for a few weeks… It sure was horrible here today, but at least we didn’t get rain for a change. I have had enough of that. Everytime we get down pours the hangar floor is full of water.

    Hope you both have a good summer. Keep in touch.


  2. Joyce Farris says:

    Will look forward to your winter excursion. Call if you get to my neck of the woods!!!


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