Last Episode

After about a month, I decided I needed a vehicle. I asked my brother Irving to look for something I could afford. That Saturday I picked up a second-hand 1954 Skyliner Ford. It was a beautiful car. It had a green Plexiglas roof that stretched from the windshield to the rear seat. Driving in a thunderstorm, lightning danced from window to window. Loved that car. I paid eighteen hundred dollars. I sold mom the manure truck to get the necessary cash.

One of my new friends was an air force veteran from Marian Station. Now that place is out in the boondocks. Three of us went to the Plantation Beer Tavern near Crisfield. We spent the night at his parent’s home. The next morning we had fried eggs and bacon. Later we went outside. His father was skinning a bushel of muskrats. Salt water marsh was on three sides of the yard. He asked me if I noticed anything about the fried eggs. As soon as he asked, I knew they were wild duck eggs. They are a little larger and have an oily look. But they tasted OK. Back in Taylorville when we had an excess of duck eggs, my mother always made deviled eggs.

The semester ended. Somehow I had maintained a C average. One D, three Cs and one B.. I was happy. I had passed and survived.

I wasted the summer driving a laundry and dry cleaning truck.

I’ll write my college years at a later date.

That’s all I wrote. hoho

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One Response to Last Episode

  1. Fran says:

    It’s time to write the rest. I want to see what you did when you got the hot car!

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