Episode 8 Monday

That first semester for me flew by. There were some weird people in that college and they weren’t all students. My world history instructor was an old woman with a doctor’s degree. She said her grandmother dated Andrew Jackson. She was so old it could have been her mother. She had a wandering eye. She would look at me, ask a question and someone two rows over would answer. It kept you on your toes. You had to be ready, no matter where she looked.

The president always wanted to meet Mr. Esslinger about littering the campus with his beer cans. The students were drinking cheap Esslinger beer and tossing the cans out on the campus lawns. At that time it was ninety-nine cents a six pack.

Another instructor rode his bicycle to college. He wore the clip around his pant leg all day. The clip was to keep the rider’s trouser leg out of the pedal sprocket.

The biology instructor loved to ask little freshman girls how did the amoeba get to New York. Of course they didn’t know. One of his correct answers was to get on rte. 13 and head north. He would give a ten question true and false quiz. He subtracted wrong answers from the correct. If you only got four answers correct, you ended up with a minus score.

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